EMC Filter

An EMC Filter also called EMI Filter, which can suppress the power line noise of various appliances and equipment. At FILTEMC, we offer one-stop shop EMI Filters available from 0.5A to 250A, as well as custom current ratings of up to 1000A.

For over 16 years, we have been dedicated on providing the high quality EMC Filter you need. Each of our filters is designed to the highest safety and reliability standards. Our EMC Filters have acquired CE, TUV, UL, CQC certification, as well as compliance with RoHS directive.

All the EMC filters from FILTEMC are designed according to CCITT international stadard, 005ITT 15101-84, 08.03, and UL1283 stardard.

Our power line filters are passive low-pass filters composed of passive componetns (L, C, R), and based on the theory of impedence mismatch between the filter and the input. With a filtering range between 10KHz and 30MHz, the EMC Filters supplied by Filtemc can effectively suppress the electromagnetic interference along power lines.

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