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Synchronous EMC Design

Synchronous EMC Design

According to the statistics of some international companies, the research and materials cost can be 10%~30% lower if EMC design is taken into consideration at the very beginning of a new project than it is rectified and reformed after the new project is completed. Filtemc can provide EMC related research work synchronizing with customer’s new product design to reduce the cost and difficulty of EMI problems solving once the new products design completed. We can provide customers with:

1. Analysis and customize according to EMC standard.

2. EMC research synchronizes with customer’s new project.

3. Adopt system design method, either components, subsystem, or system development all closely integrated with EMC


4. Help customer to set up a platform of EMC design, test and certification procedure.

5. Improve the overall EMC design level of engineers .

EMC Diagnosis

EMC Diagnosis

Filtemc can provide the following service and solutions if customer’s existing products failed to pass the related EMC test:

1. Test the conducted and radiated interference at present

2. Diagnose based on the test result

3. Recommend solutions for modification

4. Finally submit《Product EMC Evaluation Report》,《Product EMC Preliminary Test Proposal》,《Product EMC Diagnosis Report》

EMC Modification And Solution

EMC Modification And Solution

According to the preliminary test and diagnosis result, Filtemc can help customer to pass the required EMC test with:

  1. Unique advantage on EMC modification of system or subsystem
  2. Figure out the points need to be rectified according to the EMI problem
  3. Put forward modification solutions
  4. Follow up the test result of products modified conducted by third party and make sure it is successful
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